Original make and model: Yamaha FZX 750, 6-speed.

Year of make: 1992, bought in 1995 with 15000km on the clock.

Mods: 1988 FZR 1000 Genesis engine, fully rebuilt with Bimota con rods, 6-speed gearbox from the 750, Lectron 40mm carbs (not in the pic), individual K&Ns, full race 4-1 headers, Supertrapp megaphone, 17" wheels front and back, steel braided lines all over, JMC extra long swingarm, YZF750 foot controls on home made aluminium brackets...

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terça-feira, 17 de agosto de 2010

Lectron carbs

Rebuild is going real slow.
For a good build you need at the very least least two things: Time and money.
I have time (unemployed), money I don't!
So, everything I can do myself is being done; engine rebuild is in stand by for now, Wiseco 1029cc kit and all parts (gaskets, bearings, orings...) will have to wait.
Meanwhile I turned my attention to the 40mm Lectrons I'm going to fit.
I bought these carbs years ago from Manny (from Canada), tried them for a short while, but these things are not very streetable. They are more suitable for a Garage Queen, which is what my FZX is becoming after all these years.
I disassembled the rack, disassembled each carb completely, blueprinted and removed and deburred all sharp edges, polished the slides and bell mouths. Converted them to metric screws (sorry).
Machined a new twist wheel on the lathe and made new top covers for all 4 carbs.
I'm thinking about converting the carbs to powerjets. Powerjets are used mainly on two-strokes, but it's a good idea for four strokes also, because you can have a richer top end (with the powerjet) while using a leaner needle for better bottom end and mid range.
Lectron carbs don't use jets (except the powerjet). Only a specially cut needle that does it all. Simplicity at its best.
Something I like to say:
The beauty of engineering is in the simplicity.
For those of you not familiarized with these carbs (made in USA) check http://www.lectronfuelsystems.com/

A small video of the Lectrons.
We call these Guillotine carbs. Guess why...

Home made milling machine. The plastic fuel bowls are prone to distort and leak, so I'm making these plates to keep everything tight and sealed.

General view.

Notice twist shaft and twist wheel.
Lectrons usually have direct individual throttle cables.

New twist wheel turned on the lathe.

Converted to metric.

New top covers cut and polished.

Polished slides

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