Original make and model: Yamaha FZX 750, 6-speed.

Year of make: 1992, bought in 1995 with 15000km on the clock.

Mods: 1988 FZR 1000 Genesis engine, fully rebuilt with Bimota con rods, 6-speed gearbox from the 750, Lectron 40mm carbs (not in the pic), individual K&Ns, full race 4-1 headers, Supertrapp megaphone, 17" wheels front and back, steel braided lines all over, JMC extra long swingarm, YZF750 foot controls on home made aluminium brackets...

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Ricardo Damazio

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segunda-feira, 18 de janeiro de 2010


This post will be permanently updated with stuff I have for sale.
All parts are used, with the usual cosmetic damage, but in good usable condition, otherwise noted.
Please note, used means used. If you want new, buy new.
More pics upon request.
I'm based in Portugal, shipping charges will be added to the item price.

- Vance & Hines Ignition Advancer NEW, inside the package, to fit the following models:
GSXR600 92-93
RF600R 94-98
GSXR750W 93-95
RF900RR 94-96
GSXR1100W 93-98
50 Euros

- '92 FZX750 Swingarm w/ wheel axle
50 Euros

- '88 FZR1000 Genesis Swingarm w/ wheel axle (Damage on one of the bearing metal seals, probably due to the chain rubbing)
50 Euros

- '88 FZR1000 Genesis Radiator w/ fan (was taken of a running bike)
50 Euros (SOLD!)

- '95 FZR1000 Exup Rear brake assembly complete
30 Euros (SOLD!)

- '88 FZR1000 Genesis Rear brake assembly complete
30 Euros (Pics to be added)

- '88 FZR1000 Genesis Starter Motor (Mitsuba SM-13)
50 Euros (SOLD!)

sábado, 16 de janeiro de 2010

The Special bit...

This is, without a doubt, the most special bit I have on my bike.
I made this a while ago, dedicated to my late uncle, J. L.
I cut a good quality aluminum stripe, the flame design was drawn by hand, mirrored and inverted for the left/right sides to be symmetrical.
Then the dificult part begun. This little piece was all made by hand. And I mean "oldschool by hand".
It was entirely hand cut, hand filed, hand sanded and hand polished by myself.
No, it's not perfect like CNC machines do, but that's why it's called "hand made".
R.I.P, Jonny, thanks for being a part of my life.

Rear sets

I removed all the stock footpegs, foot controls and brackets/plate/support.
I made two triangle shaped support plates from Naval quality aluminium.
Attached them to the frame as you can see.
I used complete stock rearsets assembly from a '94 Yamaha YZF750R.
One mounting point on the aluminium plate, the other on the frame.
I made an extra hole in the custom plates to alter the footpegs position further back if wanted.
I rebuilt the stock YZF750 Brembo rear brake master cylinder and gave it an slight buff for extra shine.
I made the brake fluid reservoir from one of those cheap aftermarket fuel filters. Think it looks good enough.

sexta-feira, 8 de janeiro de 2010

The seat

Well, the seat was still in its original 1992 cover (upholstery).
Very worn out and slippery.
I had the foam carved and shaped to my personal taste ages ago, but the cover was still the original one.
I had the seat reupholstered by a friend whom I frequently assist and service on his custom bike projects.
This is not a state-of-the-art job, but I think it's good enough, mainly because it costed me next to nothing. :-)