Original make and model: Yamaha FZX 750, 6-speed.

Year of make: 1992, bought in 1995 with 15000km on the clock.

Mods: 1988 FZR 1000 Genesis engine, fully rebuilt with Bimota con rods, 6-speed gearbox from the 750, Lectron 40mm carbs (not in the pic), individual K&Ns, full race 4-1 headers, Supertrapp megaphone, 17" wheels front and back, steel braided lines all over, JMC extra long swingarm, YZF750 foot controls on home made aluminium brackets...

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domingo, 28 de fevereiro de 2010

Front end part 3

Ok, more on the front end saga...
The YZF750 forks are in, with new seals and fork oil.
The FZX stock wheel is in, with the special axle adapters I had made (check previous post, Front end part 2), since I'm also using the stock FZX axle.
I got some used Yamaha R6 brake rotors from Ebay (bolt-on onto the FZX wheel)
The YZF750 6pot calipers didn't align with the R6 rotors so I had to make a couple of caliper hangers from Naval quality 10mm thick aluminium.
I made some cardboard templates first, just to get the basic shape and measures.
The pics show just a rough cut of what the hangers will look like.
They will be fine shaped and mirror polished.
In addition, safety lock wire will be applied to all 4 caliper bolts.

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  1. Ricardo...

    Did you have to rob a bank to purchase that large alloy plate that the brackets were cut from?.....

    Very nice job on the caliper brackets. Many Riders today do not realize just how much can be fabricated with hand tools when that is all that is available.

    Proper Old Skool procedure & application!